FSR – BI Tool Design and Technical Training

Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT)

Dar es salaam 24/03/20 -09/04/20


Background of the Assignment

On behalf of the Bank of Tanzania
(BoT), FSDT has conducted two geo surveys of financial access points in
Tanzania – the first in 2012, and once again in 2014.  The objective of these mapping exercises was
to collect GPS location, and financial service data of physical financial
access points.  This visibility of
existing access points helps drive data driven decision making in improving
access to financial services in both private and public sectors.

Despite the success of the mapping
exercises, this approach has suffered several challenges including:

  • Accessibility
    of Data
    - The data still lacks an institutional home. Stakeholders
    that want to access and use the data do not know where to retrieve
    it.  Outside of the periodic mass
    survey, industry driven data collection is predominantly manual, which
    limits the efficiency in accessing the data.  This manual nature limits the ability to
    analyse the data to provide insights for decision making;
  • Outdated
    Data -
    Due to the nature of the approach used, there is a window
    between data collection and data publishing. This reduces the
    effectiveness of the data as it greatly varies from the real time data. In
    addition, the exercise conducted by FSDT can only be conducted every
    several years due to practicality and viability reasons;


The objective of this engagement for the BI
Tool Designer and Technical Trainer is twofold. 
Primarily the firm/consultant is to build capacity among the Bank of
Tanzania developers team to build the necessary decision support tools that
will provide the necessary business intelligence, as well as strategic

Bid Submission

Proposals, Technical and Financial, must be
submitted electronically and received at the email address below no later than 9rd April 2020 at 18:00 Hours local time (Tanzania) with
the subject line “Proposal: FIND-System Analyst and Designer.”


Email: procurement@fsdt.or.tz


For specific responsibilities and details on
application requirements visit:
www.fsdt.or.tz/opportunities. We will only consider applications that
adhere to proposal requirement.

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